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Barunga Village

We seamlessly blended compelling storytelling, stunning visuals, and effective branding to deliver a memorable and impactful message.

the project

Through a delicate balance of emotional storytelling and visually captivating scenes, we showcased the home’s dedication to enhancing the lives of its residents. The TV commercial effectively communicated the facility’s commitment to providing top-notch care and fostering a sense of belonging, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and resonating deeply with our target audience.

what we achieved

what the client said

“ Video Art have exceeded expectations! As the person responsible for the marketing and communications at Barunga Village, I commend them on their outstanding work. Video Art worked closely with me to create a short TV commercial and an extended introductory and educational video of our organisation, where they sort to learn about our business and confidently produce these videos to a high standard. They were respectful to our consumers as they filmed within the organisation, and were flexible when editing the content. Barunga Village has received outstanding feedback since launching both videos, and I hope to work with Video Art again soon. Video Art were prompt and their execution was impeccable. I would highly recommend. ”

We at Video Art know there are too many boring TV Commercials out there. Get in contact with us and prevent your next video falling into this category.