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Do you need videography services in Adelaide? Well you have come to the right place! With our award winning videographers behind the camera you can be reassured that we produce high quality video and audio every time. ​

Whether you need an event videographer or a team of videographers here in Adelaide, we will meet your time and budget expectations so you can get your project up and running smoothly. Our videographers will provide suggestions for any challenges faced during the process to ensure your video production experience is the best it can be. We pride ourselves on being well-organised and thinking ahead to offer you the best service possible.

If you need videography services outside of Adelaide well, GREAT NEWS we are travel ready!

Videography Adelaide

A popular subject we film are customer testimonials. They are so effective in growing your business and gaining trust from your potential clients. In the online era it’s vital to highlight real customer experience to gain confidence from your targeted audience and to build your business.

If you’re not sure where to start or what to ask your customers to include in their testimonials, remember, we are here to help, with questions, scheduling and everything else in between. Our videographers can be the ones who conduct interviews with your customers and that saves you time and money. Let genuine customer testimonials add an authenticity to your business just as so many of our happy clients have.


Videography Adelaide Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide Football club testimonial

Our videography services can be used for your raw footage needs, fashion, event videography, customer testimonials, website footage and everything else you might need captured. If you need sound and vision you need us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team at Video Art can give you professional advice on what would be best for your video. We accommodate any budget and will get the best possible outcome for any shoot. For example, a customer testimonial video we can have up to 3 cameras shooting at the same time to give you multiple angles of the interview.

In TV and consumer media 4K is standard. Your video is then a larger size at 3840 x 2160, approximately 4,000 pixels. We will advise you on the format for your video which will depend on the platform you will publish your video on.

Testimonials can be a written or a spoken statement from customers. In our experience we find spoken customer testimonials are the most authentic way to bring realness to your brand. We help you with the questions and create genuine customer testimonial videos for your Website, Facebook or any platform your potential customers might use to research details about your business.

All of our videographers are travel ready. They are here to help you capture your next event whether it’s in Adelaide or Australia!
Yes we can cover any event! From live events to conferences our videographers can cover any size of event whether it’s with 2 or 20,000 people. We have all the gear to suit your budget.