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The team at Video Art are highly trained in producing corporate videos. We are driven to creatively share stories and communicate massages to the target audience. We know videos are the most powerful marketing tool available, our professional corporate videos guarantee an increase in conversations and trust from the viewer.

We are here to help you with all your corporate video production needs. From one camera to multiple cameras, go pros and drones we have got your next corporate video covered from all angles.

Our expert team knows how to help you raise brand awareness and start conversations. Our expert corporate videos increases awareness and enables you to clearly get your message across to your targeted audience.

We focus on your core message and understand that every corporate video is different. Our goal is to make you stand out from your competitors and break through the noise. We guarantee a high level of creatively and quality on every corporate video we produce.


This is an inspiring story we produced from to start to finish for Veolia to submit into the SA Health Supplier awards 2020, which they won.

the project

We are very proud of this corporate video and it was an inspiring story to tell. We show cased their hard work during 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic and bought their story to life. We let the employers/people on the front line tell this story to create an emotional impact and connection for the viewers. We showed off the effort and dedication during this time to ensure all hospitals had bins, we did this with stunning pictures and powerful testimonials.

what we achieved

what the client said

“ Thanks to Steph for her amazing work producing Veolia SA’s Above and Beyond video. She captured staff in various business units to bring together our complex work during COVID-19. People who have seen this have described the video as a true and personable reflection of team work. To be able to bring this to life in a business she knew little about was short of amazing. We will be using Video Art again ”

Margot Tisher



We worked closely with Barunga Village INC and focused this corporate video strongly around their company’s message – which is ‘Live Your Best Life Possible’.

the project

We did this through our inspiring pictures, testimonials and script. We wanted to show that Barunga Village INC is truly a place of happiness and give every viewer confidence in the business. We captured the amazing facilities, residents and employers who are all part of the organisation and truly bought their message to life. By producing this engaging corporate video that is on the home page of their website, increases brand awareness and truely establishes that you can ‘Live Your Best Life Possible’.

what we achieved

what the client said

“ Video Art have exceeded expectations!

As the person responsible for the marketing and communications at Barunga Village, I commend them on their outstanding work.

Video Art worked closely with me to create a short TV commercial and an extended introductory and educational video of our organisation, where they sort to learn about our business and confidently produce these videos to a high standard.

They were respectful to our consumers as they filmed within the organisation, and were flexible when editing the content.

Barunga Village has received outstanding feedback since launching both videos, and I hope to work with Video Art again soon. Video Art were prompt and their execution was impeccable. I would highly recommend. ”

Annabel Freeth

Marketing and Communications Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all corporate videos have the same motive. Some videos are designed to get new customers, others to get new employees. Some videos will be about raising brand awareness, others will be to sell or promote a product. We will research what your company has to offer and how to get your message across to your targeted audience effectively.
At Video Art we create many different types of corporate videos, from business events, new product or service demonstrations, event summaries, live webcasting, conferences and gala dinners. Corporate videos are the best way to show case your brand!
Videos are an essential part of your overall on-line marketing strategy, video content has become a significant ranking factor for search engine optimisation. They provide a perfect way to showcase your business and tell your story using video.

Let's start with your videos message, what are you wanting your viewers to know about your business? Once that one simple questions is answered we will suggest how to tell your story. This can be achieved though powerful testimonials, statements and captivating pictures to create an emotional impact and connection for the viewers.

You know more about your business than anyone else. We know how to translate your message into a visual and written masterpiece. With our talented writers and structured templates, will will create an engaging story to grab and hold the attention of your viewers and guide them to a call of action. We can help with the script as little or as much as you need. Writing a script can be quite daunting when you first approach the project, but we are here to offer support and advice though the entire scripting process.

Your next corporate video production is just one click away! Get in touch and get the edge that professional marketing video content can give your business.