Case study videos

The team at Video Art will analyse your business and work with you to produce an informative and powerful case study video. The producers in our team will write the case study script and be there with you, every step of the way to ensure we get the best possible outcome.​

Our case study videos will help you use the power of video to increase awareness of your company, it is the fastest way to tell a convincing story about your company.

We will outline your company’s success and effectiveness, it will provide your clients with a story of who you are, what makes you special and why you are the right choice for them. In the Case study video we will show case your biggest achievements, your company’s credibility and the reason why you get fantastic results.


Creating this videos helped ADS showcase their product to potential buyers easier and faster.

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the project

There was no time for explaining the product to each individual buyer, so we produced this informative and interesting video for the business to share all over the world. It was a huge success for ADS selling the product within 6 months.

what we achieved

what the client said

“ Stephenie and her team at Video Art helped us to create a promotional video for one of our products. Stephenie is a very professional, organised and she has a nice personality. She has a great team in Video Art which worked with her on our project. We were very impressed with the quality of their work and we enjoyed working with them. ”


We created this internal case study video for CURASH which helped show their 2020 success to their employees and future employees.

the project

Sending a link out cuts down on time, instead of having multiple meetings to discuss the stats with multiple people a simple video can be watched at any time and on any platform making the process of sharing information among the company more time and cost effective.

what we achieved

what the client said

“ Steph from Video Art was patient, responsive, and super easy to work with. I would have no hesitation using her and her team at Video Art for similar jobs. ”

We want you to stand out from the crowd. We want your competitors to notice you. Our goal is for YOU to be proud of the video we create for you.

Business case studies will add the sincerity needed to gain trust and accountability. In our experience client testimonials add so much value to any business video production. Our videographers, video editors and producers will create a case study video that keeps your audiences engaged. You will receive a high quality video in any size format to use for your advertisement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Case study videos are the fastest way to tell a convincing story about your company, it will prove your company’s success and efficacy. Keeping your targeted audience engaged through creative videos helps add authenticity to your message.

When using social media it is important to build trust and add realness to your brand. A case study helps to encourage this by engaging your viewers through story telling.