Drone Services

Our fully licensed Adelaide drone pilots are experts at creating aerial videos. Our drone pilots have the knowledge and experience to produce smooth and high quality footage for your upcoming video production project.

Our pilots have travelled Australia chasing our beautiful coastlines and rugged terrains. Showing these amazing locations off from all different angles, which where once impossible – or impossibly expensive, to capture. This will take your next video to the highest level and will win over your audience.

A drone gives our videographers the ability to unlock more perspectives making your next video production stand out. Our drone pilots have flown in many locations across Australia. As our drone pilots fly the drones recreationally as well, they have hours of flight time, their experience will be incorporated into your next video production. We have used drone footage in corporate videos, sporting events, real estate, business advertisement, product advertisement and anything else you may need an eye in the sky for.

Drones are an exciting way to make your next video stand out from your competitors.

The use of drones in fast paced videos or sporting events are some of the most effective and affordable ways to be close to the action without having a camera man getting in the way of the event or blocking the view. Video Art is one of the leaders in Adelaide drone aerial videography so come and take flight with our piolets and experience the birds eye view on your next video production.

Aerial Photography Adelaide

Frequently Asked Questions

Drones can be flown under the CASA regulations in Adelaide and South Australia. If you are not sure if a drone can be flown in your next video production location, get in touch with our team and we will do the research for you.

Yes, we also do aerial photography here at Video Art.
Any project you like! Drones are an amazing way to bring that wow factor to your videos! For example they can be used in real estate videos, music videos, corporate videos, sporting videos, business videos and so many more! Get an eye in the sky on your next project!