Training videos

Video is the fastest way to get a message across. Our experts at Video Art will transform raw content into constructive and informative videos for you to use on any platform. ​

We produce a wide range of training videos including:

Occupational Health and Safety, inductions, employee training, customer training, safety training and ‘how-to’ videos. Training videos are so effective because of their accessibility. Video Art will work closely with the client to ensure all the correct information is shared in an engaging way to keep the audience learning through the entire video.

Our talented video editors will put together a professional, informative and creative high quality video that’s ready to share with your team, consumers or trainees on any platform in any format.


Pettecc came to us after many of their customers were leaving reviews on their platforms unsure how to set up their products.

the project

We created a few easy to watch training videos for Pettecc’s multiple products which helps potential customers understand how to set up the app and how the products works, minimising enquires, bad reviews and customer complaints. Increasing the brands reviews online.

Training Video Production PetTecc

what we achieved

what the client said

“ We always had customers emailing and ringing trying to figure out how to use our products. Since we got Video Art to create a training video it has dramatically reduced our customer questions. We are very happy with the out come. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

A training video is committed to educating the viewers on a particular topic. They can be an employee training video which are used for instructional, safety and skill purposes. Or a training video can be used for customer instruction showing the customer how to do something.

We create a wide range of training videos such as Occupational Health and Safety, inductions, employee training, customer training, safety training and ‘how-to’ videos.

Due to their accessibility training videos are very effective, allowing information to be used on any device including mobile phones. Not only can the training video be watched anywhere and have anytime access it is a productive way to educate the audience.

We at Video Art know there are too many boring training videos out there. Get in contact with us and prevent your next video falling into this category.